Monday, March 26, 2012

Postlude of a kiss.

I feel like I owe someone an apology.  Sometimes, I say whatever is on my mind. I didn't say something harsh or mean, but it was honest.  I should have thought twice about it and I didn't need to say it twice, but I did. I thought it was said jokingly, but when Houston said I then said it twice, it was no longer a joke.
I saw him on Friday. He invited me over so he could make me some fresh juice.  I had a goal of not kissing him.  I didn't want to kiss him because I still have feelings for him and kissing him would make it hard to continue trying to get over him.  I walked in, he greeted me with an enthusiastically, and then planted one on me.  There went that goal. 
We kissed a few more times and then, after telling him my "goal", he didn't want to kiss me anymore, while I was there.  Things have been awfully quiet between us now.  It's a lil uncommon. 
Truth is... I love kissing him.  I love being taken in his arms, embraced oh so tightly and kissed just the way he knows how to kiss me.  If he were home right now, I'd want to drop everything I'm doing, go over there and kiss him. I'd want to kiss him until my lips turned raw and I no longer knew where my breath ended and his begun.

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