Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12 = My Sister's birthday!

*Yesterday, was my sister's birthday! I took her to lunch, in Old Town.  Unfortunately, the Chilean/Latin restaurant was closed, so we went to Old Town Mexican Cafe. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! I had a VERY enjoyable afternoon with her! I love her so much! She's one of my most favorite people, in the entire world.  I couldn't be more blessed to have a sister as awesome, amazing, kind, loving, intelligent, warm, beautiful, funny and genuine as her!
*I LOVE Mariachis! Seriously, I think they're just so delightfully beautiful. I remember my friend, Ana's wedding reception and how wonderful it was to have a mariachi go around to each table and take requests! Growing up in south San Diego, it wasn't uncommon to have a Mariachi serenade someone at their home. My best friend, Liz taught me that it's a big deal when that happens. I hope I'm serenaded by a mariachi, someday. While at lunch, I had the mariachi sing, "Cielito Lindo", one of my favorite mariachi songs.
*Last night, we played "Newspaper Hockey" at FHE. Ok, I should have done more research on that before I threw it out there as an activity (I'm the FHE Committee Chairman/Chairperson/Whatevers).  Some people showed up with their hockey sticks made and some we had to make on the spot. Some of the hockeysticks were falling apart and hitting people in the face. It was all TOO funny!

I couldn't stop laughing!! Probably one of the best laughs I've had all year!! LOVED IT!! 

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