Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Mosese, the Rugby captain.
Today is my Dad's birthday. Although I know he'll never read this, I just want the world to know how special he is to me.♥

My Dad is the man I measure all men up to.  He's a "man's man", a true manly man. Growing up, I marveled at his ability to make or fix anything. He fears nothing and no one. I never had to worry about my safety, I treasured that above all.    

He was extremely athletic, played just about every sport you could think of. He still loves to listen to sports and talk about it with anyone. He was a hard worker and very good provider for his family. He taught me ALL about service, by example. When he did verbally teach me about service, he told me that "LDS" stood for, "Let's Do Something" or "Let's Do Service". He always taught me to accept callings at church and to never say "no". He taught me many things by example, especially the gospel.

I still love to hear stories of his labor mission down in the south Pacific. Whenever I hear someone talk about the Polynesian Cultural Center, my heart swells with pride because my Dad helped build it. My Dad's pretty awesome, in fact he was in a movie with Elvis Presley!

My Dad and I are quite similar, both good and bad. At times, we share the same stubborn attitude (read: tenacious). He rarely holds back whatever he thinks and feels, there's no grey area with him.  He delights in having his family all around him.  I'm grateful for the love he shares for all of us.

My Dad may not be perfect, but he is definitely the perfect father for me. I love him dearly and I am so blessed to have him for eternity. Ofa lahi atu, 'Ulu toki! Happy 76th Dad!!

{He's the one sitting next to the lady, in the canoe.  At 2:31, he's the one waving at the camera... oh my Dad, he's such an amateur! ;) }

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