Friday, April 6, 2012


You know, it's not often when I think,
"Dang, I'm glad I don't drink!!"

But today I was definitely grateful for it. 

As I was walking up my stairs, my body was exhausted and achy, and my voice is practically gone.  Last night, we went out for Cherry's birthday. Oh man, I had TONS of fun dancing and hangin' with the girls! A few of them were drinking, and I can only imagine what they felt like when they woke up!  As I type this, I just want to go back to sleep.  I got home sometime after 1am, and I know I'll definitely want a nap today!

But seriously, I'm glad I don't drink.  I would have woken up in a world of pain today.  Other than the religious aspect I grew up with, I choose not to drink, due to an incident that occured when I was a teenager. When I arrived at my best friend's house, some friends were in the middle of playing "Quarters".  One of my friends was losing terribly.  Later on, there I was with Liz, holding her our other friend's hair back and also cleaning up that mess. It smelled horrible! And not to mention, it was just gross!! All of that combined,  turned me off from desiring to drink! Also,  my sister's Dad was killed by a drunk driver.  Knowing that drinking has affected a family forever, was always a turn off.   Plus, I don't like the feeling of not being in control or dizziness.  Besides, I hate throwing up, especially into a toilet, which is what I'd imagine the morning after being like.  No thanks, I pass.

Besides, I act crazy as is..... no need to add "liquid courage" to that mix! That could...would be scary!

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