Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sept. 11, 2006: Gratitude Blog (from MySpace)

I heard a cell phone ringing in our house right now. It was going off for a while, I knew it wasn't mine so I kept searching the house. I finally found it next to my nephew who was asleep. It wasn't anyone calling, but a reminder alarm of my birthday. For some reason, it really touched my heart. It made me thankful for him. It made me thankful for my awesome nephews who I dearly love to spend time with. It made me thankful for my family who does so much for me…who loves me no matter what and always has my back in all things.
I just wanted to jot down my feelings of gratitude for those I have in my life. I'm just thankful for everyone I know, everyone I see/talk/chat/email/IM. I wish I could name y'all by name, but I'm sure I'd miss someone and wouldn't want that to happen. I'm thankful for what y'all do for me, what you bring to my life.
For laughing at my jokes when you know they aren't too funny. Being ok with my endless supply of sarcasm. Or cheering me up when some sort of guy problem comes my way. For not being mad when I don't call when I say I will-or even just call in general. And also being super late, all the time to everything.

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