Friday, April 27, 2012

The Friday Catch Up Game.

(This is what you photograph while waiting for your brakes to be fixed.)
*So my date from Tuesday... Uh, it wasn't anything great or grand. If it was, then I would have blogged about it sooner. Dating him would be a waste of time.  I'm not physically attracted to him, the connection I had with him on the phone could not make up the difference.  Ok, even if I TRIED to be attracted to him, the BIGGEST turn off was when he did not walk me to my car.  I went to his place, so he could make some pancakes that I found online.  WORST. THING. I. EVER. PUT. IN. MY. MOUTH.  They were extremely bland and very mushy--it was a very nice gesture and effort.  Since that was all he made, I didn't have anything to mask it.  Afterwards, we talked in his living room listening to 80's music, which I can't stand, and watched a lil of Tosh.0[Little sidenote,  he's 51 years old.  Yes, 20 years older than me.  He seemed young, til we actually met....then I realized that he really IS that old.] He tried to lead into kissing but I couldn't.  Poor guy had no game.  I'd blog about how I really felt about him, but I'm trying not to be that heartless.  Anyways, the guy didn't walk me to my car and he lives in a shady part of town, it was dark and my car was about 1/2 block away.  I was pretty pissed.  I mean, seriously, if he was smart or had an ounce of game in him, he would have walked me for one last ditch effort of a kiss.  I mean, that's what other guys have done.   It just made me think of Houston, who always walked me to my car.    All I can say is no wonder why this guy is single.  He needs a wingman or a Hitch

*There were 3 birthdays this week. My Mom's and my two very good friends, PajamaPants (Peej) & Eidde!
*Peej (L) is one of my dearest friends. We met on the Philadelphia.  I once had a crush on him, we talked about it (& there wasn't any type of weird awkwardness! Thank goodness!) and now we're the best of friends. I love him dearly and cherish every moment I get to spend with him. He's extremely funny & very kind!  I ALWAYS have the best of times with him!!  He has the most beautiful singing voice I've ever heard {check it out here!}.  I'm so eternally grateful that Heavenly Father brought our paths together.  Who knew that when we met in October 2002, that we would end up as friends, after the mish. Lucky for us, we both happened to be from the San Diego area.  I'm so glad that we can continue to love and support each other in our lives.  I hope that we're friends for the rest of our lives.  I know my life wouldn't be complete without him.

*Eidde (R) is one of my oldest friends.  He moved into the house next to Liz when he was 5 and we were 9....we've been friends ever since!  He's been like the annoying lil brother I never had, but he's also been a true confidant.  Honestly, I have no idea how we're still friends?! I've played some of the worst pranks on him, growing up.  Poor guy would ALWAYS fall asleep whenever we hung out at Liz's house.  I would always paint his finger &/or toe nails....or put make-up on him.....or slip flowers in his hands that were clutched on his chest to make it look like he was dead, then take photos of it..........or hide his shoes, after falling asleep at the movies, then leave him as the last person in the theatre til the security guard woke him up........or.... well, I better not name the rest or else he might never return my phone calls.  I love Eidde, I truly do. I miss the fact that we hardly see each other these days, but that'll never change the way I feel about him.  He continues to help me be more open minded and I'm grateful we have such love & respect for each other. Eidde, I love you.

*I'll blog more about my Mom's birthday later....gotta upload some pics.

*Dating & guys......  I think I'm gonna lay low for a while.  It's just a frustrating game. Yes, game.  There's stupid rules to it and ALL of it is just confusing.   I think for the month of May, I'm just not even going to focus on guys.  I don't care if the hottest, funniest, wealthiest, smartest, most spiritual & religious single & available man sits down next to me at church or at the movies or at a park..... I'm not biting. I'm just frustratingly done right now. 

*And with that said, it's beautiful out....I think I wanna go ride Big Blu (that's the official name of my bike now.)  Happy Friday!


Adriana said...

OK your date story is funny. I was like oh the JR high school guy. Then I read the age difference and though hey lady I am older than you and I won't go that high in my range. Although 80's music huhm maybe I should expand my range. What's his name and number? Just kidding

*ehu. said...

Hahahaha!! Oh my gosh, I would NOT subject any of my friends to go out with that guy. No, I haven't gone out with Freshman15 yet due to schedule conflicts. I think I should TRY to check out guys who are LDS. I mean, I have and I dig one of the guys at church, but I don't think he knows I'm alive. Eh, oh well.

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