Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deciding on a ward.

Since I choose not to watch General Conference, I miss out on my very favorite part [of church]---the music.
I have a great love for the music of my church. I especially love any chance I get to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I think they are a choir of angels.  I always think about how glorious Heaven will sound with generations of Mo.Tab. singing together.  Oh I love it!
During Conference weekend, my sister said that the choir's singing of, "Come Thou Fount" made her think of me....which made me think of my (home) stake choir.  I sure do love singing with the Chula Vista choir.  Some of my favorite people are found there.  Well, I went to and checked out all of the April 2012 General Conference music.  My thoughts were turned again to my home stake and ward.  I'm so blessed to have dear friends in all of the wards. I love visiting each ward and seeing a cherished friend.....yes, even the Spanish wards. 
Since October, my membership has been in the PB Singles Ward in the San Diego North Stake....but my heart is still in the CV Stake.  As I was listening to the musical pieces, my home ward came to mind.  I feel torn in two.  Part of me wants to go to the PB ward because I like being amongst people who are also in the same place in life and it's soooooooooooooo quiet there during Sacrament meeting services. Heaven knows how much I LOVE that.  But the other part of me wants to attend my family ward.  It's A LOT closer to home (5 miles vs. 20 miles [one way]) which makes it a lot easier to be active, on more than just Sundays.  I have a lot to offer a ward, but I feel restraint when I live so far from it.  For the past two Sundays, I've attended my family ward and just feel the desire to have a calling there.  The ward needs help, no one likes to hold callings there and its always the same people doing it.  I miss the Young Women during Volleyball's off season, I love them so!  My Patriarchal Blessing specifically mentions accepting calls of service in Primary, because I "value and appreciate the children with your warm and loving heart."  It's true, I do love the Primary children and also their songs.  I want to be part of Relief Society again. I love to be amongst the sisters, I learn so much from their lives. 
Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing myself to attend the PB Ward, but I like the friends I've made there.  I feel like my heart is back in the CV Stake, but I don't know what to do.  Move back to Otay Mesa Ward, but attend all of the PB Ward activities? tough.  Moving back there will mean less chances to meet a single guy at church....well, not like I'm having much luck in that anyways
Guess this is something I'm going to need to ponder and pray about.

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Anonymous said...

I totally get your post. I too struggle with being in the PB ward. I love it and moved close to it so that I could establish a network of single friends when I moved here from OC. While I do enjoy the quiet, the lessons and all the amazing people; I miss serving with the youth specifically the Young Women. I see posts for my old stake about activities and I miss being a part of that. I think ok go to your home ward and pray you get a calling to serve amont them but that is no guarantee.
It is a decision we each have to make on our own. I know I think about it every now and then.
I support you in whatever decision you make and I am glad we met through PB.

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