Monday, February 25, 2013

Good, Bad & Ugly: Weekend Edition.

Good: Had such an awesome weekend with Levi.  I love nothing more than just spending time with him.  I was able to have a "Ladies Day" with my niece & sister.  Ate at the new Filippi's restaurant here in town.  We also hit up Oasis Ice Cream, because honestly, that's the BEST ice cream here in town! There's just something so lovely about spending time with female relatives. I enjoyed a dinner party at Ame's and it was fun hangin' with the Peebs {some PB ward member friends}.  Plus my Young Womens Volleyball team won BOTH of their games on Saturday! Oh I felt like the proudest Mama ever!  They were excited and I think that was a terrific way to start their Vball season! Can't wait for their next game this coming Saturday.

Bad: I missed going to my ward on Sunday, thus missing Ame's talk.  I was rather disappointed about that.  Then I was even more upset that I was an hour late to the dinner party.  Don't even get me started on the overflowed toilet....FML moment, for sure.

Ugly:  Got into an argument with my Mom, late Saturday night/Sunday morning.  It's just so emotionally and mentally exhausting.  After a late night of arguing and hurtful words that were exchanged, I had no desire to go to church that next morning.  

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