Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Long Distant Relatives.

I'm currently reading, The Friday Night Knitting Club.  It's about a working single Mom, who's Caucasian, named Georgia and her half Black daughter Dakota.  James, Dakota's father, left Georgia and Dakota to work in Paris.  Georgia didn't speak ill of James, but wasn't thrilled when he decided to return to New York, thirteen years later.  James realized that he needed and wanted to be a part of Dakota's life.  He wanted her to get to know his side of the family and culture.  Dakota wanted to know that side, as well.
On Facebook, I saw that I had a photo tag, in an unfamiliar photo.  I clicked on it and then realized that I didn't really know anyone, but I knew that they were from my Tongan side due to their clothes.  I asked my cousin Timothy, via FB, if he could tell me who they all were from left to right. [For remembrance sake: Mele (NZ), Siu (Aus), Tae (NZ), Tita (Aus), Suliana (Aus), Milika (Aus), Lela (Aus), Dorothy (USA)…and the minister in the back is one of their four Brothers – Manase (Vava’u)].  I've met my cousin Lela in teal and her brother Manase, when I was very young. 
I looked at these women and I felt like I could see family resemblences.  I felt like I looked like them.  My thick, coarse hair makes sense now, as well as my round nose and body structure.  Even though I've never met 80% of the people in this picture, I could feel that they were my family.  My Dad started to tell me stories of his family members, and in particular all my (above) cousins' Dad, Peau.  I love hearing stories of my Dad's family and his homeland of Tonga.  I feel a little bit more connected to a land and people that I have yet to meet.
I look forward to the day that I find myself on a plane headed to the south Pacific.  Just like Dakota, I want to get to know my family members and know where I came from.  However, in the meantime, I'm grateful for the magic of technology that can bring families together....even when we're oceans apart. 

Thank you Facebook.

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rneweyfamily said...

You have a unique heritage. How fun to have a picture bring about some reminiscing with you dad. On another note, I loved the Friday Night Knitting Club!

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