Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love Month!

Can I just say how much I love Valentines Day?  Ok, so it wasn't always my most favorite of holidays, in fact I use to despise it.  But there's something a lil sad about being bitter on a day that celebrates love.  For a long time I didn't have someone to really enjoy on the day, but I wanted to enjoy the day anyways.  I've come to learn that it's really just a day to celebrate love--for everyone and everything.  Just because I didn't have someone special in my life didn't mean that I had to forget all the great and wonderful people that I did have.  Last year, my then 10 year old niece, was starting to become a lil sad about the day.  I didn't want her to start having a bad taste in her mouth about this particular holiday.  I "heart attacked" her living room the night before Vday, so it would be a nice lil surprise for her in the morning. I'm glad it perked her up! This year, she's already mentioned doing that for me when I awake on Vday morning.  Have I mentioned how endearingly sweet my niece is? She really is the best! 
Perhaps I'm even more jazzed about this year's Valentines Day because I have someone so special to share it with.  But I haven't forgotten about all the other things that make Valentines Day special--it's having family and friends to love, and being loved in return.  Isn't that something worth celebrating?! Especially on Valentines Day...and all throughout the month of February? I think so!

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