Thursday, February 14, 2013


For the first time in my life, I have a Valentines.
Oh how I love him so!

I love Love: Especially expressing it to loved ones.
I love Levi: He makes me feel special & loved...and he's my most favorite person to be with.
I love my sister: She a "best friend & sister & mom" combo for me.
I love my parents: They love me and help me in life.
I love my nephews: We can joke and poke fun, but still be friends in the end.
I love my niece: She shows me what a tender, loving heart is like.
I love my best friend MamaStephy: She makes me want to be a kinder person.
I love my bestie Hermanita: I can be brutally honest without seeming like a d-bag. 
I love Mama McK: The mother heart that I desire.
I love Mr. Red: He just gets me. 
I love Ame: She makes church & my calling so much more easier & fun.
I love Oasis ice cream: BEST ice cream on earth.
I love San Diego: Seriously, it's the best. 
I love my down comforter: Perfection.
I love Coronado: It's like a mini vacation, every time.
I love blogging: and all my long distant friends' blogs, so that we can keep in touch.
I love all things that make life so much more beautiful.

Happy Valentines Day.

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