Monday, February 4, 2013

Lucky in love!

Sometimes, it hits me to the center of my heart, how lucky I am.
 I'm so grateful to have found someone who is so incredibly kind, caring and thoughtful.
 I love spending so much time with Levi! I never get tired of being with him... which is actually a HUGE thing! {I have this lil "qwirk" that I tend to get tired of people if I've spent long periods of time with them. If I've hung out with someone all day, then I probably won't call them that night...or for the next couple of days.} I just get like that, but with Levi it's totally different. I can see him all day, all night...and still look forward to spending more time with him the next day. What makes it even sweeter, is that he anticipates our next together times, too.

I never knew what it really meant to be "lucky in love", until now.
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