Monday, July 16, 2012

Just the day I needed!

Today was just the Sunday I needed

I decided to go to my ol' YSA ward today because I didn't feel like driving 20 miles to church.  Sometimes that gets a little old.  Besides, I just wanted to feel the goodness of having dear friends nearby.  I got to see and hold BabyChleo, who's no longer a baby anymore :( She's so big and sadly, she's kinda forgotten me.  Major bummer! Yet another reason I miss going to CVYSA ward!  
I'm just so glad I was able to come across so many old friends that I love dearly.  They all mean so much to me and just seeing them all, and receiving so many smiles, hugs and warm greetings were tender mercies sent from above.  
The talks in Sacrament meeting were exactly what I needed to hear.  They were uplifting and made me ponder a lot about what I need to change in my life.  From one of the talks, I liked what he had to share...
*You can do whatever you want, as long as:
1. You have a plan.
2. You show your work.
3. You take responsibility.  
It's simple and I LOVE simplicity, but he applied that to all things in life.  Phenomenal! I love it!  I need to start living that way.  
Being amongst the Relief Society sisters was a joy! Oh how I miss serving in Relief Society!  I think I loved serving in that calling just as much as I loved being a missionary. My friend taught the lesson and gave a fantastic analogy for sharing the gospel.  
Afterwards, I hung out with some friends and it was just so good to be amongst friends....people who know me, who just get me and just all around like me.  Man, it was great!  I also received great news about going back to school in September. Oh man, it was out of the blue and I'm stoked for the opportunity!!!  
On the way home, I stopped in to visit with the Buzz family.  They're some of my favorite people and favorite kids!! Oh how I love them so!!  Just being around their kids, I feel GOOD.  Their home is filled with goodness and love.  I love spending time with them! They are truly heaven sent friends, to me and my family.  We sure love them, a lot. 
After my VERY crazy day yesterday, today couldn't have been better.  In the afternoon, I got to spend some alone time down at the Coronado Ferry blissfully sweet.  Today was definitely filled with tender mercy moments, and I couldn't be more grateful. 

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steph k said...

I like those talk points!!

I love you!

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