Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two days...

Two days of heart warming awesomeness!!  
I went to my ol' YSA ward's "CVYSA Has Talent" FHE, tonight.  Oh man it was nice to see so many dear friends again. It was at a family friend's house, where I had birthday party, last year. I had a great time! I forgot how much FUN FHE is!! So many great laughs and wonderful talents were shared tonight.  Sim and I were called up on the spot and we sang, Country Road by Paula Fuga & Jack Johnson. Man, I was nervous.
 There's so many new CVYSA members, which made me miss some of my ol' YSA friends who weren't there tonight.  A friend happened to be wearing the same cologne that Mr. Red wears, which brought back so many memories and made me miss my friend.  

My sweet friend Tui, who happens to work at the church bookstore, embossed my scriptures for me.  I've been wanting my name on them, and she thought it'd be cute & cool to emboss them like this --->
I love them!! "Ehu Girl" happens to be the name of a cute lil song from a Hawaiian band.  I love my mini-scriptures!  I scored them at the DI for $2.00 and they're practically new.  The funny thing is, the previous owner, Duncan McKenna had a Hawaii phone number because it's written inside the front cover.  Small world.

Anyways, yesterday and tonight have been tender mercies!  I couldn't be more blessed to have such wonderful, heaven sent friends.  

In about 34 hours my wonderful friend, Hermanita, will be home from her mission!! Oh I cannot wait!! I've missed her so!!  

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rneweyfamily said...

I like that song. You are famous now.

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