Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meniere's....this weekend....LGBT.

Man, Meniere's is kicking my trash today!! Ugh, so frustrating and stressful.  Which incidentally, stress makes my Meniere's worse.  It's a double edge sword! :-/

I'm looking forward to this weekend.  I've got some awesome friends in town and look forward to hanging out with them tomorrow night!! Oh yeah!! Kanikapila!! Kanikapila is what they call a "jam session" in Hawaii.  People play their ukuleles & guitars.  Sometimes there's singing and occasionally there's hula dancing.  I love times like that!

So.... I won't be at church on Sunday, I'll be at the San Diego LGBT Pride with PajamaPants.  I'm glad we can still be friends and support each other, despite our differences.  On my last birthday, he sat by my side, in church, and reassured me that I'd do well on the song I had to sing that day.   This Sunday, I'll be by his side supporting his happiness, but most of all supporting my dear friend. 
Part of me worries what new friends/acquaintances may think of this decision to skip church and go to Pride.  Am I gay? No.  Going to an LGBT event doesn't make me gay, any more than going to the beach makes me a surfer.  I figure that people may judge, but go ahead... "What comes around, goes around."  

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you are gay. I understand that you are supporting your friend. I do think "What!!! Two weeks in a row without Ehulani in Sunday School!!!" I feel sad. Come back on the 29th ok ? Pleeease,,pretty pretty please??

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