Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Vase.

I remember hearing a story about a vase, sometime ago.  It was a very beautiful and ornate Chinese vase.  I don't remember all the details of the story, because the whole time I wondered, "How many times could you break the vase and repair it, til it's irreparable?"

Today I'm thinking a lot about that vase and wondering the same thing.  

How many times can something be broken and mended til it just isn't what it was before?  Til it's unrecognizable and unusable?  If the vase was an animate object, would there be a point in time when it doesn't want to be repaired because it already knows it's going to break, yet again?  

Sometimes, I think people can only be hurt so many times til they start believing that all they're good for is to be broken.  How sad for those people who try to do good, but they're told that they're "good for nothing", "has no future" and "everything is wrong with [them]".   If only the people who say such hurtful things could see the damage that they do.  Sure there aren't bruises or scars, but man, it can really hit the core of someone.  

I hope that I never make anyone feel like they're worthless, hopeless and lower than dirt.  It hurts.  Especially when it comes from those closest to family.  Like parents.  

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